Diverse group of women in colorful clothes at the meeting, discussing social project
“We must struggle together not only to reimagine schools but to build new schools that we are taught to believe are impossible: schools based on intersectional justice, antiracism, love, healing and joy”—Bettina Love

What We Offer

CEECE provides individualized and customized support through a range of professional development opportunities focused on strengthening racial equity and intersectional justice by shifting mindsets, leadership, policies and practices. Our goal is to work in collaboration with you to identify your strengths, goals and the next step in your transformative learning journey. 

How Much Do Services Cost?

Our initial consultations are free. We will talk with you for about 15-30 minutes to listen and learn from you and to work in collaboration to determine which of CEECE’s services are best matched to your context and goals. Following our initial consultation, we send potential clients a cost estimate. 

  • Costs range depending on the type of services requested and the specific consultant as well as the number of staff needed. Hourly consulting ranges from $125-$500 per hour depending on trainer and group size. Local (Bay Area) ½ day trainings with one facilitator or ½ day online trainings start at $1500. Out-of-town trainings start at $2000 + travel. 


  • Our goal is to provide services that are accessible to all of the people, organizations and communities where they are desired and needed, while also ensuring that our consultants and facilitators are can earn a living wage that respects their professional skills and knowledge. If the initial estimate for what you need is beyond your budget, we encourage you to remain in conversation with us. We can problem-solve together and see what might be possible.