All of our trainings are tailored to each client, each community and context and the specific needs and desired outcomes.  

Trainings are often the best place to start to help groups develop a shared vocabulary and base of knowledge. However, trainings alone do not lead to significant transformative change. People need opportunities to reflect on and dialogue about the new information they gain in trainings and consider how to apply it to their professional practice and program/organization. We work with clients to think about which formats will best suit them in this process. Communities of practice, coaching and reflective book groups are popular options. 

Our trainings are designed to align with adult learning science. We emphasize opportunities for participate to engage with the content and ideas in many different ways and to interact with others through discussion, reflection and meaningful activities. Experienced facilitators support participants to stretch past their comfort zone and to learn into courage, risk-taking and transformative learning.  

Examples of the trainings we offer include: 

  • Intro to Racial Literacy for Early Childhood 
  • Advancing Racial Equity in Early Childhood: Addressing Unconscious Bias 
  • Advancing Racial Equity in Early Childhood: Working with Parents and Families 
  • Building a Trauma-Responsive Anti-Racist Organization 
  • Supporting Young Children’s Healthy Racial Identity Development 
  • Bringing an Anti-Racist Lens to Assesment and Evaluation 
  • Understanding Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture and their Antidotes