We believe equity deserves an early start.

Diverse children enjoying playing with toys
“Freedom dreaming is imagining worlds that are just, representing people’s full humanity, centering people left on the edges, thriving in solidarity with folx from different identities who have struggled together for justice, and knowing that dreams are just around the corner with the might of people power.” —Bettina Love

The Center for Equity in Early Childhood Education (CEECE) works in partnership with early childhood professionals, parents and families and leaders. We create early learning environments that are anti-racist and humanizing so every young child can learn, develop and thrive to their full potential. Join with us to engage in a learning journey to improve intersectional justice and equity for our youngest children, their families and the workforce serving them. We customize support for you and your team.



Every child deserves to be in environments where they feel loved, welcomed, respected, visible, supported and to have opportunities for joyful engagement. Trusting respectful relationships create the foundation to support the learning, unlearning, healing and transformative change that improves racial equity and intersectional justice.