The Center for Equity in Early Childhood Education supports programs, organizations and communities to create early learning environments that are anti-racist and humanizing.  


We always begin by listening and learning from our clients to determine their individual or their program or organization’s strengths and assets, desired changes/needs and pathways for taking action for positive change. We work collaboratively to design a method that works for each client to determine our starting place together. This may include designing and implementing surveys, conducting interviews or focus groups or reviewing various forms of data available. We then summarize what is learned and provide an assessment report along with recommendations for next steps and sequencing of our services.  


Coaching allows us to work with individuals, teams and leaders to connect the information and strategies introduced in trainings to application in their professional practice. We use a strength-based coaching model and collaborate with clients to create plans for intervention/change and then to guide them through cycles of continuous reflection and improvement in meeting their goals. 


All of our trainings are tailored to each client, each community and context and the specific needs and desired outcomes. After our initial consultation or assessment, we will propose a training, a series of trainings or a professional learning bundle that is responsive to your needs and budget. Learn more about our trainings here.


Policy/Program Development 

CEECE can work with leaders and teams to develop strategic plans, theories of action/theories of change that align with their vision and goals for anti-racist work. We can also work with you to review and suggest revisions to your current program and organizational policies, key documents and professional practices.