Senior Advisor

Mary Anne Doan, MA

Mary Anne oversees the California Early Childhood Mentor Program operating in 104 Community Colleges across the State of California providing mentoring and leadership development to Early Childhood Professionals. She leads the development of Institutes, Seminars and Trainings to Mentor Teachers who work with Student Teachers and Practicum students and for Director Mentors who work with other Directors of Early Childhood Programs or with Owners of Family Child Care homes across the state.

Mary Anne has worked with 40 tribes across the U.S and Canada through Indian Head Start and Tribal Childcare and co-developed with community cultural experts, family focused early childhood, cultural and language revitalization project for Indigenous tribes in North America and in Rwanda and India. Her life work has been committed to equity, social justice and inclusion across languages, cultures and people groups. She is looking forward to retirement later this year to enhance her self-care, self-actualization, and creativity coaching business.