Board Treasurer
He/Him and She/Her

Katie Steele, MBA

Katie Steele, MBA, is the Director of Finance and Pedagogy at AnnieCannons, Inc. – a nonprofit software engineering training program and development shop for survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence. He is a queer and nonbinary transgender educator, learner, writer, and activist. Katie majored in Outdoor Education at the University of New Hampshire and held direct service roles in a wide variety of educational programs before returning to school for an MBA at Mills College. In that program, she took a special interest in accounting. Having seen nonprofits whose expenses did not reflect their stated values, Katie felt that an understanding of accounting and an ability to read financial documents were valuable skills for any nonprofit employee. At AnnieCannons, Katie is able to combine his love of teaching with his passion for accounting in an organization rooted in social justice.

Outside of work, Katie has co-authored two books addressing the injustices experienced by trans and gender expansive young children as a member of the Gender Justice in Early Childhood team – Radically Listening to Transgender Children and Supporting Gender Diversity in Early Childhood Classrooms. Her closest friends and chosen family are people committed to social justice and making the world a better and safer place for marginalized groups. Katie is equal parts homebody and lover of the outdoors. He is weathering the pandemic by being close to family and by adopting his new best friend, Loki the pitbull. Loki encourages Katie to get outside every morning for a game of fetch and to relax in the evenings by curling up on her lap.